In the Spotlight: Wholehearted Wardrobe

Posted on August 29 2018

Wholehearted Wardrobe x 337 BRAND


Get tips and advice on living an active lifestyle and learn what is most important to Kellie when shopping sustainable brands.


What advice can you offer us on living an active lifestyle? 

I stay active and healthy a few different ways! I follow a plant-based diet, which has been great for my energy level and is also good for the planet. I also like to do strength training, go for walks with my husband and do yoga with friends. My favorite yoga class to take is candlelight yoga!


What do you look for when shopping a sustainable brand? 

Fair manufacturing is the number one thing that matters to me, followed by a use of sustainable materials like Bamboo or Organic Cotton. I am also really interested in a circular economy, and so brands that strive for circularity in their processes also really appeal to me. These are the reasons why I'm so excited about 337 Brand's work - made in New York City, sustainable fabrics and with a goal of circularity.


Wholehearted Wardrobe x 337 BRAND


Describe the daily activities that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I do my best to eat healthy - lots of plants - and I also try to stay as active as possible. I work in an office and write a blog, so that means a lot of time logged in front of a computer. I try to take walks at lunch and in the afternoon, and also try to find fun fitness classes to do with friends in the evenings or on the weekend. Another key component of staying healthy, for me, is managing stress. I like to take time each day to read, journal or listen to podcasts to unwind. 

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