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Our Story

337 BRAND is an innovative and daring lifestyle company. Created in New York City in 2014, 337 BRAND set out to produce effortless-style clothing with an emphasis on design, quality and comfort for our everyday woman. Every style is designed with a dash of daring.

A street-to-chic style infused with uptown class and downtown edge. 337 BRAND stands for individuality, self-expression and confidence.

In 2017, the brand decided to shift towards sustainability and join the green movement in fashion. It is important to us to care for the planet and we want to express that through our clothing. We are striving to go green in the collections ahead using recycled and upcycled content including sustainable packaging. 337 BRAND will proceed with developing statement pieces with a purpose. A sustainable collection of seasonless styles that will sure turn heads with its effortlessly-chic aesthetic and eco effort.